Hyperhydrosis is a problem that can be solved!

Excessive sweating is something that about 1-3% of the world population suffers from, it is a medical condition called hyperhidrosis and can be somewhat troublesome when it comes to social interaction. For many suffering from this condition a simple thing like holding hands with your loved one or shaking hands with someone you just met is a huge hurdle to overcome and therefor is avoided as much as possible. Some of us who has the problem with palms that are wet of sweat are trying to hide it and always carry tissues to wipe them discretely, hoping no one will notice it. 

Solution is simpler than you would think!

If you discuss this problem with your doctor it is not always it is take seriously and many times the public health care will not have a solution for you. There is however a way to solve the problem, and you can do it at home! The method is called Iontophoresis and it works very well in treating excessive sweating in your hands or on your feet. The method uses an electric current that is applied to the skin and it will effectively stop the sweat from exiting through your skin. The protein in your skin coagulates and creates a barrier and you will notice the difference already after a few treatments. Depending severity of the problem you may need to treat yourself on a daily basis in the beginning to gradually decreasing the treatment to be weekly. 

24 Feb 2017