Don´t Spit on the Floor

Our main purpose and what we aim for is to show you guys sites and companies that have products you can use and enjoy in your everyday life. Today the turn has come to a site called Northerner. They are specialized in selling smokeless tobacco and also products that are used with that kind of tobacco. The sell Swedish Snus (snuff that you put under your lip) and all sorts of different chewing tobacco. The also have a nice assortment of spittoons that are both nice to look at and fill a function. They actually can be used for several different things.

Normally seen in Saloons

Most of us remember spittoons as something standing on the floor in old Western movies. Where actor like John Wayne could spit from afar and always hit with a small salivary beam. They are actually used the same way today. For users of chewing tobacco this little thing is a necessity. Well, atleast if you want to avoid spitting on the floor. But it also is used among wine testing. It is a great item to have when you are tasting wines and need somehwere to spit. The funel on the top makes it less likely to splash and you will never have to use an old bucket again. There are surely more uses for a spittoon, but for tobacco users and for wine testing it is very nice to have handy. They are cheap, robust and will not fal over easily. 

28 Jun 2018